May 18, 2024
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The Colts’ Conundrum: Jonathan Taylor ‘s Unsettled Future

The Colts' Conundrum: Jonathan Taylor 's Unsettled Future - Stampede Blue

The offseason for the Indianapolis Colts has been marked by controversy, largely surrounding their star running back, Jonathan Taylor. Now, the NFL community is buzzing about the recent decision to keep Taylor on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list.

The Failed Trade Attempts

Indy’s contentious offseason reached a boiling point when Jonathan Taylor was granted permission to seek a trade just a week before the final roster cut deadline. Despite interest from at least two teams, no suitable offer was presented, leading the Colts to retain Taylor and place him on the PUP list.

According to insider reports, the Colts were adamant about receiving an offer equivalent to a first-round pick. The Miami Dolphins seemed to be frontrunners in acquiring Taylor, but negotiations fell through, possibly due to the high compensation requested.

Behind the Taylor-Colts Standoff

Two seasons ago, Taylor led the NFL with impressive stats, rushing over 1,800 yards and securing 18 touchdowns. While his commitment to the Colts was evident at the start of the offseason, a change in representation and an ongoing feud with team officials over contract negotiations changed the landscape.

The crux of the disagreement appears to be the team’s refusal to negotiate a long-term contract and their handling of Taylor’s injuries. Having undergone surgery for an ankle issue that plagued him in 2022, Taylor’s participation in training camp has been sporadic.

What This Means for the Colts

Without Taylor for the first four 2023 season games, questions arise about replacements. Deon Jackson, Evan Hull, and Zack Moss are options. The Colts had signed Kenyan Drake this summer but released him later.

Taylor’s absence in games against the Jaguars, Texans, Ravens, and Rams complicates the Colts’ planning.

Potential Future Moves

Taylor’s PUP list placement means he’ll miss at least four games. Still, this doesn’t rule out trade possibilities. Any interested team would need to keep Taylor’s PUP status until Week 4.

The in-season trade deadline on October 31 is crucial. If no trade happens, the Colts might use the franchise tag on Taylor, paving the way for off-season trade talks.

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The Bigger Picture

Taylor’s dispute with the Colts showcases the intricate NFL negotiations. His hope for a contract extension, given his track record and other Colts players’ precedents like Leonard and Nelson, wasn’t unreasonable.

General manager Chris Ballard’s vague statement about future decisions suggests more beneath the surface.


With their star running back out initially, the Colts are in a tough spot. Both parties remain resolute. The coming weeks will shape not only the Colts’ season but also the broader relationship dynamics between NFL teams and top-tier players.

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